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JA 90, Summer 2013

JA 90, Summer 2013

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English + Japanese / 152 Pages / 226 x 297 mm / 640 g

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JA 90 SUMMER, 2013
Yasushi Horibe

Past Memories and Future Memories
Hiroshi Naito

House in Satsuma
Dr. Norichika Maehara Memorial Museum
House in Izu-Kougen
House in Kodaira
House in Yakushima
Gallery in Ushiku
House in Karuizawa
Terrace House in Omotesando (renovation)
Atelier in Akagi
Apartment in Tamagawadenenchofu
House in Yatsugatake
House in Fuchu
House in Yuigahama
House in Sakurayama
House in Yakushima II
House in Aobadai
House in Hitachinoushiku
House in Oomino
House in Karuizawa II
House in Tateshina
Yakushima Messenger
Seminar House in Kashima
House in Ichihara
House in Zenpukuji
Library in Asagaya
Charnel House in Chikurin-ji

Standing Posture of Architecture
A Quiet Place
My Admiration and Despair for Architecture
To Live with Dignity
Forms that Live with Us