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JA 111, Autumn 2018 Living Together

JA 111, Autumn 2018

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English + Japanese / 128 Pages / 226 x 297 mm / 600 g

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JA 111 is devoted to thinking about the future of collective housing. As our lifestyles continually diversify, we’ve started living and working in multiple locations, with our ways of living and working often intermeshed and in flux. The character of collective housing, which tends to reflect society, must surely also be entering a period of change.

This issue presents 18 projects that explore present-day meanings of “collectivity” and “living”—though the projects featured here are not limited to collective housing. Among them are a capsule hotel, college dormitory, shared house, and plaza renovation for a large housing complex, all of which address possibilities for living and gathering that arise when constructing residential spaces and programs. By adopting a bird’s-eye view of architecture focused on living, yet remaining impartial in regards to function and use, this issue attempts to raise the basic question of what collective housing will be like in the future. In these pages, we hope to investigate forms that will support living together.

JA 111 includes: Works T project Go Hasegawa and Associates Yushima project Hiroyuki Ito Architects apartment house in tokyo TAKAHASHI IPPEI OFFICE L’Arbre Blanc Sou Fujimoto Architects + Nicolas Laisné + OXO + Dimitri Roussel Service apartment in Sriracha KEI KAIHOH Architects + Studio MITI International share house of Kanagawa University OSAMU NISHIDA + NAOKO MANGYOKU + YUKO KAMINAGA + KOHEI NISHIDA / ondesign Cooperative garden OSAMU NISHIDA + OSAMU IWASAKI / ondesign + ERIKA NAKAGAWA Overlap House akihisa hirata architecture office nine hours project akihisa hirata architecture office HYPERMIX as an urban unit KOH KITAYAMA + TORU KUDO / architecture WORKSHOP Yoshidatachibanacho building 1, 2 onishimaki + hyakudayuki architects / o+h Living Farm in Kisarazu fujiwalabo Chidori Bunka dot architects Izumi Project (GAZEBO) Itaru Yamamoto + Taku Inagaki/ itaru/taku/COL. Three methods of producing small economies Toshiharu Naka+Yuri Uno/ Naka Architects’ Studio Kowa Public Apartment Complex in Mihama Kentaro Kurihara+Miho Iwatsuki/ studio velocity House of Takamori in Totsukawa Village Kei Minohara/ Environmental Design Associates, Architects & Planners (Planning & Programming) Architectural Laboratory for Systems Environment Development/ Architects Atelier Ryo Abe/ Equipe Espace (Architect) Mariko Sonoda/ Ken Miura/ Chie Murosaki (Planning Adviser) Renovation of Yokodai Chuo Plaza Kengo Kuma And Associates (Design Supervision) Urban Renaissance Agency (Planning and Supervision) Minobe Architects Office (Architects)