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JA 115, Autumn 2019 Manabu Chiba

JA 115, Autumn 2019

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English + Japanese / 160 Pages / 226 x 297 mm / 665 g

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JA 115 is a special issue dedicated to the architect Manabu Chiba. The projects featured in these pages total 24 works, and span from the time in which Chiba Manabu Architects was first established, in 2001, to the present. While Chiba’s wide range of work includes private residences, housing complexes, commercial facilities, schools, and town halls, he has always tried to extract the particular appeal of the locations where his buildings are constructed as well as the charm of the people who live and work in them.

This issue consists of three chapters that each correspond to one of Chiba’s methods: floor plans, studies, and photographs. Chiba pays close attention to floor plans as a starting point for his design thinking, while studies represent the trajectories of related explorations. Photographs, on the other hand, are snapshots of Chiba’s buildings as they are in actuality. We hope that readers will be able to get a real and substantial sense of how Chiba’s architecture takes shape, and that they will find joy in deciphering the ways in which his thinking develops—either one chapter at a time, or by going back and forth across the pages from one work to the next.

JA 115 Manabu Chiba includes: Essays Towards a minimization of the realm of expression  Jun Aoki Planning from Our Body  Manabu Chiba Works Villa in Yatsugatake  MESH STUDIO GOTENYAMA   Tokyo House UNAGI 001  House in Tomigaya  LOFT  House in Kataseyama   Home for ALL in Kitaamagi  House in Black  platform WEEKEND HOUSE ALLEY STITCH TOKYO WEEKEND HOUSE  Otaki Town Hall  CHILDREN'S SITE  TSURUGA MULTIPURPOSE CENTER ORUPARK/STATION SQUARE  Villa in Setouchi  Hotel Project in Wulai  OMACHI 1ST PUBLIC HOUSING  TENJIN PUBLIC HOUSING  JAPAN GUIDE DOG CENTER "FUJI HARNESS"   Ishikawa Library Proposal  Kogakuin University 125th Memorial Education Center  Fuchu City Hall  Data  Profile