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Operators and Managers of this Website

This website, a+u Magazine ( is owned, operated and managed by Shinkenchiku-sha Co., Ltd.

a+u Magazine Terms & Conditions

1. These Terms & Conditions stipulates commitments and rules to be observed by all customers who use a+u Magazine (, referred to below as “this site”) and the various sites included within a+u Magazine Online shop, which is included within this site.
2. a+u Magazine may change the content of this agreement at any time, without prior notice to the customer.
3. In the event of any change to this agreement by a+u Magazine, account holders will be notified by email. The revised agreement is in effect from the time that the change is displayed on this site, and the customer shall be deemed to have agreed to the revised agreement.
4. Any member who does not agree to the changed content may cancel their membership at any time. Customers wishing to cancel their account should click on the menu item “Account Info” in the “My account” page of this site and complete the relevant procedure.

Registration procedure for a+u Magazine members

1. The membership registration procedure must be completed in person by the customer who wishes to become a member, except in cases expressly permitted by a+u Magazine. Registration by a proxy is not permitted.
2. Clicking on “Agree” for this agreement indicates agreement to all the conditions presented here. Fill out the input form correctly with all the necessary information, with reference to the input-related precautions.
3. A customer who has agreed to this agreement and completed the membership registration procedure stipulated by a+u Magazine becomes a “a+u Magazine Member” (abbreviated to “member” below) and has an account as a member.

Cancel of a+u Magazine membership registration

1. In the following circumstances, membership registration may be cancelled after the registration procedure has been completed, and legal action may be taken:

  • When the registered person has previously had their membership cancelled, or is judged by a+u Magazine to be unsuitable.
  • When the content of the registration is recognized to be deliberately falsified.
  • When the registered person or corporation is recognized to be fictitious.
  • When it is recognized that the member acted dishonestly in purchasing magazines, books etc. from the a+u Magazine Online Shop.
  • When the member is recognized to have contravened the law, or this agreement.
  • Where other important circumstances are recognized to have arisen which rendered continued member registration unfeasible.

2. If a member has not signed in at any time within a certain period, the registration of that member may be cancelled without prior notice. a+u Magazine Online bears no liability for any losses suffered as a result of such cancellation.

Registration information concerning a+u Magazine members

1. The protection of personal information is governed by our “Privacy Policy”.
2. Usage of a+u Magazine following confirmation of the input e-mail address and password is deemed to be usage by a member.
3. Even if the site is used by someone other than the customer, through theft or improper use of the member’s e-mail and password, or in similar circumstances, a+u Magazine bears no liability for consequent losses to the customer or any third party.
4. To view and edit account information or to cancel the account, use the “My Account” menu item, which appears in the upper right corner of all pages on this site.
5. The combination of e-mail and password is sufficient to view and modify registered personal information at any time, so it is the responsibility of each customer to carefully safeguard their own e-mail and password, restrict access to their computer, and keep their registered email address current. In particular, we recommend changing the password at regular intervals.
6. Information other than e-mail address can be changed at any time.
7. Update your registered information as soon as it becomes out of date. a+u Magazine bears no liability for losses to the customer or any third party caused by failure to update information.

If you forget your password

1. Your account will be locked for a fixed period after unsuccessfully entering your login email address and password five consecutive times.
2. If you have forgotten your password, click on the “Reset Password” menu item, which appears in the ‘Login’ menu. Your replacement login information will be e-mailed to your registered e-mail address. However, it will not be possible to send them if you have forgotten the registered e-mail address. In that case, please make a new account registration.

Online Shop – Pricing

1. All prices online are converted from our fixed price in Japanese Yen into 3 currencies: US Dollars, Euros, and British Pounds. Rates of exchange are based on the “Daily Conversion Rate” from European Central Bank. All transactions will be handled in USD through This means even if you check-out in GBP or EUR, the actual transactions will be handled in USD.
2. If you credit card account is in a currency other than US Dollars, you may be charged at a different excahnge rate than what is quoted on our website. You may also be subject to a foreign currency transaction fee. Please consult your bank or credit card provider if you are unsure. We are not responsible for the exchange rate of any charges your bank or issuing credit card company may charge you.

Online Shop – Payment

1. We accept payments by credit card from Visa, Master, and Discover.
All the credit card payment will be transacted by
2. Customers may be charged foreign currency conversion fees if the payment has been made in a different currency from their credit card’s issuing bank. We are not responsible for any charges your bank or issuing credit card company may charge you.

Online Shop – Limit of Orders

We do not accept orders which exceed total payment amount equivalent to ¥60,000 (JPY) (including shipping charges).

Online Shop – Delivery Method and Timing

All physical online orders are shipped as follows:

  • Air courier: Door-to-door delivery within 1 week.
  • Registered airmail: doorstep delivery within 4 weeks.
  • Standard airmail: Letter box or envelope delivery within 4 weeks.

Orders are normally shipped within 1-2 business days. Subscription magazines are usually processed for dispatch prior to the publication date. Actual delivery times may vary by few days depending on how the order is sent. If it has been two weeks since you placed your order and it has still not arrived, please contact us via e-mail:

Online Shop – Returns and Refunds

As a general rule, we do not offer exchanges or offer refunds if you change your mind about your purchase.

If the item delivered is not the item ordered, or is soiled, ripped, or otherwise damaged due, please email proof of the faulty item (email us a photo) and we will ship a replacement for no additional cost. In the event that item is not in stock or is out of print and no replacement is available, payment will be refunded in full.

If the wrong item is being delivered, the shipping costs incurred in returning the item will be borne by us.

*If more than one month has elapsed since dispatch by airmail, or more than 7 days has elapsed since dispatch by air courier, no exchange or return of products will be possible.

Exchange or return of items is only possible for unused items.

Once your order has been placed, it is not possible to alter or cancel the order, or to combine additional orders into one shipment, or to separate orders into multiple shipments,.

Limitation of Liability

1. a+u Magazine bears no liability for losses etc. suffered by the customer or any third party through the use of information provided to the customer as a member.
2. In providing the above services, a+u Magazine takes diligent care to avoid system interruptions or delays due to faults in communications connections, computers and other equipment, and to avoid computer viruses and related data losses, but it bears no liability for any form of losses etc. suffered by member customers and any third parties due to partial or complete cessation of services in event of force majeure.
3. a+u Magazine takes all possible precautions against computer viruses, but we do not guarantee that content and e-mails sent from a+u Magazine will not include computer viruses or other harmful content.
4. a+u Magazine reserves the right to suspend or stop its services, in whole or in part, or take any other necessary measures, without prior notice, in situations such as the following:

  • When performing emergency maintenance work to ensure constant availability of its services in good condition
  • When the system is subjected to concentrated loads
  • When it is judged that the operation of the system could be impaired
  • When there is a need to protect the security of members
  • Or In any other situation deemed to necessitate such action.

5. In such situations, a+u Magazine bears no liability for losses to the customer or any third party.
6. a+u Magazine bears no liability for losses etc. to the customer or any third party caused by contravention of this agreement by member customers.
7. If a+u Magazine suffers any losses etc. due to contravention of this agreement by a member customer, that customer must provide compensation for such losses.


1. a+u Magazine bears no liability for any losses (computer viruses, leakage of private information, data loss, and any other forms of fault or inconvenience not limited to the above) suffered by the customer or any third party as a result of the setting of such links.
2. a+u Magazine does not offer any guarantee of the authenticity, safety or other attributes of other sites linked to from a+u Magazine Online, and bears no liability in connection with such sites.
3. a+u Magazine bears no liability for any losses (computer viruses, leakage of private information, data loss, and any other forms of fault or inconvenience not limited to the above) suffered as a result of accessing any other site through this site.


The following actions are prohibited when using a+u Magazine.
1. Disclosure or provision to a third party, by duplication, transmission, transfer, circulation, distribution or other means, of some or all of the information provided by a+u Magazine.
2. Attacking or improperly accessing the a+u Magazine server. Sending or writing harmful computer programs. Actions leading to any of the above.
3. Damaging the credit, rights, interests or reputation of a+u Magazine, its information providers or third parties. Actions offensive to public order and morals, or causing inconvenience to third parties.
4. Entry of false information.
5. Disclosing, lending or transferring an ID(e-mail) and password to a third party. Joint use with a third party. Using the ID(e-mail) and password of a third party to sign in.
6. Contravention of the law or this agreement etc.
7. Even if they do not contravene this agreement, the actions above may be subject to legal penalty under criminal law, copyright law, or other fields.

Governing law

This agreement shall be interpreted on the basis of Japanese law. In the event of any dispute related to this agreement, the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive agreement jurisdictional court of first instance.