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JA 110, Summer 2018 Insights from Building Sites

JA 110, Summer 2018

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JA 110 is a special issue devoted to building sites. Building sites are places where buildings spring up, where architectural ideas assume physical forms. In this issue, we used building sites as points of departure to examine the processes of trial and error with which architects engage to realize their buildings.

While the inner-workings of a building are usually hidden upon its completion, they undoubtedly offer something revealing while construction is underway. If one pays close attention to what transpires on site, one may observe the moment when an architect’s ideas and consciousness about making things are sublimated into the building and its spaces. This issue includes site photos from, and comments on, 17 recent buildings as well as buildings completed during the 1950s-1980s.

JA 110 includes:

Building Sites Are the Frontline of Architecture
Kozo Kadowaki


Nagoya No.2 Nishi Telephone Office
Architectural Division of Nippon Telecommunication Public Co.

National Gymnasium
Kenzo Tange and URTEC

Hotel Tokoen
Kikutake Architects

Palaceside Building
Nikken Sekkei Komu

Kasumigaseki Building
Kasumigaseki Building Construction Committee, Mitsui Fudosan, Yamashita Toshiro Architectural Office

Kenzo Tange

Nakagin Capsule Tower
KISHO KUROKAWA architect & associates

White U
Toyo Ito

House in Uehara
Kazuo Shinohara

Shonandai Culture Center

SANAA+Shinbo Architects Office+Ishikawa Architects Office

Astramline Shin-Hakushima Station
Kazuhiro Kojima+Kazuko Akamatsu+CAt Pacific Consultants

Omiyamae Gymnasium
Jun Aoki & Associates

Tree-ness House
Akihisa Hirata Architecture Office

Shibata City Hall
aat+Makoto Yokomizo Architects

Bamboo Corridor
dot architects + Toki Laboratory, University of Shiga Prefecture

Momoyama House
Erika Nakagawa Office

House in Sangenjaya
Jo Nagasaka / Schemata Architects

House & Restaurant

Dejima Footbridge
Ney & Partners Japan

Suita City Football Stadium(Panasonic Stadium Suita)
Takenaka Corporation

Nobeoka Station Area Project
Inui Architects

Otaki Town Hall
Chiba Manabu Architects

Kogakuin University 125th Memorial Education Center
Chiba Manabu Architects

Sukagawa Civic Center
Ishimoto Architectural & Engineering Firm Collaborate Unemori Architects

New National Stadium Development Project
Taisei Corporation, Azusa Sekkei Co.Ltd And Kengo Kuma And Associates Joint Venture

Collection Pinault Paris / Bourse de Commerce
Tadao Ando Architect & Associates + NeM / Niney et Marca Architectes (Local Architect) + Pierre-Antoine (Gatier Architect in Chief of French National Heritage)