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JA 108, Winter 2018 Akihisa Hirata

JA 108, Winter 2018

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English + Japanese / 160 Pages / 226 x 297 mm / 660 g

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JA 108 is a special issue on architect Akihisa Hirata, surveying 15 years of his studio’s architectural production.

For Hirata, architecture is part of the living world. In his practice, he explores this notion through geometric systems, spatial design methods that incorporate diversity, and the implementation of concepts arising from research into organic connections—notably karamari (an “intertwined relationship”) and karamari-shiro (an “opportunity for karamari”). Working at various scales, he continues to propose new settings for human activities.

This issue introduces about 60 projects, including built architecture, installations, and unrealized proposals, dating from 2003 to the present. From one work to the next, he has developed new ideas and explored the realities of building architecture. We hope that our readers will find hints in these pages to aid in their own explorations of the architecture to come.

JA 108 Akihisa Hirata includes:

Toward Jagged Diversity
Shohei Shigematsu and Akihisa Hirata

The Wild and Savage Future of Architecture
Akihisa Hirata

Project Timeline


Art Museum & Library, Ota

Tree-ness House

Taipei Roofs

Overlap House

Itsukushima Roof

Timber Foam

Cloud of the Future

Long House hotel version

Taipei Complex

Fermented House

Kamaishi Nursery School

Higashi-Totsuka Church

Alps Tree

Grobal Cave


Museum Forest of “Hill Valley”

Higashi-Totsuka Church


Cloud and Slope

Invisible Lines

Long Garden

Fermented Tower

Kamaishi City Disaster Recovery Public Housing

Taipei Complex previous version

LEXUS -amazing flow-

Mori Trust Garden TORA4

Kikusui Elementary and Junior High School




Hotel J


Bloomberg Pavilion

Garden within Grid within Garden

Long House

Yoshioka Library

Foam Form

Prism Liquid


One Roof Apartment

Fermented City

Flame Frame

Animated Knot

Pavilion C

Pleated Sky

Architecture Farm



House of House (House T)

House S

Gallery S

Chair “Csh”

Bag for F

Pleats Principle

Project K


House H

Annaka Art Forum