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JA 85, Spring 2012 House Genealogy, Atelier Bow-Wow: All 42 Houses

JA 85, Spring 2012

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English + Japanese / 144 Pages / 226 x 297 mm / 510 g

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This issue covers each of the 42 houses designed by Atelier Bow-Wow, a practice established by Yoshiharu Tsukamoto and Momoyo Kaijima. To illustrate the idea of House Genealogy, all projects since 1990 are accompanied by sketches, which together with the texts, are intended to form a single narrative. Produced especially for this issue, the sketches allow the architects to reflect on how changes in the environment have inspired their work. They become critical representations that show the development of a new line of inquiry, revealing as much about their practice as it does about the Japanese city.
The cover is a collage of Atelier Bow-Wow’s houses, all brought together with a consistent orientation. Though not real, the image could just as well be that of the contemporary city.

House Genealogy, Atelier Bow-Wow: All 42 Houses

Strangely Orthodox
Andrew Wilson Yoshiharu Tsukamoto Momoyo Kaijima



42 Works

Suburban House
Ani House
Mini House
Das House
Gae House
Loco House
Juicy House
Gaku House
Nora House
Ikushima Library
Terrace House

Urban House
Shallow House
Kus House
Aco House
House & Atelier Bow-Wow
House Tower
Sway House

Machiya: Townhouse
Machiya Guest House
Tread Machiya
Tower Machiya
Split Machiya

Kawanishi Camping Cottage B
Moth House
House Asama
House Saiko
Log Saiko
Izu House
Black Dog House
House Crane
Double Chimney
Pony Garden
Mountain House
Beach House
Izu Book Cafe

Concept House
Articulatior’s House
House without Depth
Eco-System Apartment
House of Weeds
Small Case Study House
House Jungle-gym