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JA 82, Summer 2011

JA 82, Summer 2011

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English + Japanese / 120 Pages / 226 x 297 mm / 510 g

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This issue of JA features a collection of urban space ideas proposed by 50 groups of young architects. You may be wondering why architects are making proposals for urban planning. The truth is, Japanese urban areas need to undergo a major transformation to make it through the 21st century. I believe that spatial proposals are important also with regard to reconstruction of the quake-devastated areas.So, I would like to see architects of the future be active in the field of urban planning too. We are presenting this issue as a celebration of the future of Japans cities and the new stage that architects will be performing on. Also there are three essays with Yasuaki Onoda, Eiji Hato and Masashi Sogabe.


Yasuaki Onoda
City Space and the Architects
Eiji Hato
Spatial Assumptions

Masashi Sogabe
A New Form of Public Spiritedness


Tsukamoto Lab., T.I.T.
Learn from 1000 years. Return to live. Do not forget.

Hiroshi Nishimura / Workvisions
Reconsidering the Empty Spaces

Masataka Baba / Open A
Self-directed & Self-support Nation <City <Village <House

Osamu Tsukihashi
Model Aid

Kumiko Inui
The Vicinity of N Station 202X

Satoru Yamashiro + Joanne Jakovich
CitySwitch: Designing Links

Hironori Matsubara
Reopening the City

Hiroshi Kuno
The environmental city is also the unbuilt city.

Jun Igarashi
Forest Island

POINT / Ben Nagaoka + OUVI / Shin Yokoo
Kids Smile Project

Akihisa Hirata
Tokyo Tree

Jo Nagasaka / Schemata Architecture Office
An enclosure with a radius of 30 km

Kentaro Takeguchi + Asako Yamamoto / AlphavilleLIVE OFF THE GRID ON THE GRID

Sou Fujimoto
Forest in the Sky

Hideyuki Nakayama
Room Lamps And Street Lights

Hiroshi Kikuchi
Re-examining the City with Thought for Distances
Mt. Fuji Seen from Contemporary Tokyo

Noiz Architects
Complex Information Modeling as Social Infrastructure

Ryuji Nakamura
City and Dishwashers

SOY source Architects

Yasutaka Yoshimura

A Large House

Satoshi Matsuoka + Yuki Tamura
Things that should be left as they are

Masahiro Harada + MAO / MOUNT FUJI ARCHITECTS STUDIO Hills of the Future

Ryo Yamazaki / studio-L
Urban Space Management by the New Public

Shohei Shigematsu
Grand Design for 21st Century 2.0

dot architects
Shareing Social Capital

Junya Ishigami
Blending Environment

Makoto Takei + Chie Nabeshima / TNA
Condensed Cityfrom Benches to Skyscrapers

Disaster Grid

Teppei Fujiwara

Tetsuo Kondo
A Geomorphic City

Yuko Nagayama
Tokyo Rivers

A New Publicness

Hirokazu Suemitsu + Yoko Suemitsu / SUEP.
Cooling the City by Removing the Asphalt

Mejiro Studio
Roadside Structure

Osamu Nishida + Erika Nakagawa / ON Design Location Hunting

Ryuji Fujimura + Fujimura Lab., Toyo Univ.
The Possible City

Yujin Hirase

Go Hasegawa
Fishing Village

Ippei Takahashi
Forest-path City

Yuri Naruse + Jun Inokuma
Share Link City

Kenichiro Ide / rhythmdesign

Manabu Aritsuka
City Management through Small Architecture

Fuminori Nousaku
City and Tsunami

Kei Kaihoh + Saisutjarit Phongsatorn
Fly Manta to the Universe

Maki Onishi
Interconnecting a Citys Images

403architiecture dajiba
Parallel Material Scape

Jun Kamatani + Takuto Sando / g86
Pyramids for the Future

Suguru Ishiguro / ALSED
Flexible Spatial Planning

Hiroki Kawashima
Sensitive City