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JA 74, Summer 2009

JA 74, Summer 2009

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English + Japanese / 128 Pages / 226 x 297 mm / 530 g

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There are no architecture without Window. Window or opening are truly one of the most radical elements when forming architecture, and also greatly change quality of architecture itself. In this issue, we report fascinating architecture which creatediversified relationship between interior and exterior.


Dialogue:Yoshiharu Tsukamoto Sou Fujimoto

Essay:Manabu Chiba

Windows: Innovative Mediation

The Precedent of Window Use in Japanese Architecture

Windows, Interior, Exterior
On the Question of What Should Decide Window Character
Yoshiharu Tsukamoto Sou Fujimoto

Atelier Bow-Wow

Sou Fujimoto
final wooden house house NHouse before House

Manabu Chiba
Essay: Deep Window
MESHVilla in Yatsugatakestudio Gotenyama

Zollverein School of Maganement and Design

Jun Aoki

Go Hasegawa
Nerima Apartment

Kumiko Inui
House K

Mutsue Hayakusa
Green shadow house

Ken Yokogawa
Villa J in Yatsugatake

Yasushi Horibe
House in Higashiyama

Makoto Takei+Chie Nabeshima
Figured Glass House

Osamu Nishida/ON DESIGN
House at Momijizaka

Hiroshi Kikuchi
Oizumi House

Yuichiro Kodama
House in Motoyamacho, Kochi

Takaharu Tezuka+Yui Tezuka
Clipping Corner House

Jun Igarashi