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JA 61, Spring 2006

JA 61, Spring 2006

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English + Japanese / 136 Pages / 226 x 297 mm / 640 g

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This issue is the firstEnglish-Japanese Bilingual collection book of CAt who led by Kazuhiro Kojima & Kazuko Akamatsu. This includesKibi Kougen Elementary School,Utase Elementary School andHakuou High School. Also JA features their specific design approach which express these wordsBlack and White, Activity, Space Block, and Fluid Direction.

Black and White
Kazuhiro Kojima

Kazuko Akamatsu

Space Block
Kazuhiro Kojima

Fluid Direction
Kazuhiro Kojima
ConversationWorks and Ideas of CAt

Kazuhiro Kojima x Kazuko Akamatsu
Kazuyo Sejima x Ryue Nishizawa
H Ch Minh University of Architecture
Liberal Arts & Science College (Education City, Doha)
Hakuou High School
Gunma Kokusai Academy
First Stage, Nakasato Village Open-Air Library
Kibi Kougen Elementary School
Utase Elementary School
Utase Elementary School 3
Big Heart Izumo Art Complex Izumo + Station Front Plaza
Reseach Center for Advanced Science and Technology, the University of Tokyo III-1
Student Center for Hachioji Campus, Kogakuin University
Central Library + Student Center (Education City, Doha)
The Great Egyptian Museum
Environment Art Forum in Annaka
Tsuda Veterinary Clinic
Clinic / House N
Space Block Kamishinjo
Space Block Hanoi Model
Space Block Nozawa
Ota House Museum
Himuro House
House YK / Islands
Shiodome Infill Project
Shibaura Island Project
Shinkenchiku Residential Design Competition 2006
judge: Kengo Kuma