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JA 59, Autumn 2005

JA 59, Autumn 2005

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English + Japanese / 226 x 297 mm / 680 g

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Feature issue of Junzo Yoshimura. His selected 27 works are full of a root of his design and philosophy of professional ; House at Minami-dai, Mountain Lodge A at Karuizawa, Shofu-so, Japan House, Residence at Pocantico Hills, etc.


Toward Enriching Human Experience from the Viewpoint of the Everyday
Yoshihiro Masuko

Junzo Yoshimura The Sole Classicist of Modern Japan
Hisao Kohyama

Like Scooping Sunlight with an Open

Hand – The Method of Junzo Yoshimura
Iwao Matsuyama

Quality of Performance
Yoshiharu Tsukamoto


The Purity of ArchitectureThe Root of Artistic Creation
House at Minami-dai
Mountain Lodge A at Karuizawa
Shofu-So(The Japanese House and Garden)
International House Residence
House a Ogurayama

Spaces That I Find ComfortableThe Poetry of Fire, Water and Wood
House at Shimousa-Nakayama
House at Jiyugaoka
House at Aoyama
House at Inokashira
House at Denen-Chofu
Mountain Lodge B at Karuizawa
Tawaraya Inn
Tokyo Club

Transforming the Streetscape with the Design of a Single HouseNeighborhood and City
Building for National Cash Register
Aoyama Tower Building and Tower Hall
Japan House
House at Ikedayama
House at Hamadayama

The Architect has an Obligation to Make Real ThingsCode of Professional Ethice
The Imperial Palace(preliminary design)

The Ambience of the Site is the Starting PointArchitecture and Environment
Residence at Pocantico Hills
Motel on the Mountain
House at Akiya
Mountain Lodge A at Lake Yamanaka
Nara National Museum
Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts
The Hall of Chamber Music, Yatsugatake