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JA 51, Autumn 2003 Riken Yamamoto 2003

JA 51, Autumn 2003

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English + Japanese / 226 x 297 mm / 700 g

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JA51 is a special issue devoted to the works of Riken Yamamoto. Yamamoto’s projects are always considered to be systematic. This is perceived from the elements he creates or the methodology through which he creates plans and even urban blocks.

What Lies Ahead for the Systems-Driven Speed Maniacs? (Kazuhiro Kojima)
Taking Tangibility for Granted (Felix Claus)
Architecture’s Social Nature (Riken Yamamoto)

Ora Town Hall
Aluminum House
Ecoms Fit Showroom, Showroom for Aluminum Furniture
Park Resthouse
Research Building, Future University of Hakodate
Yokosuka Museum of Art
Amsterdam Gershwin Block 2B
Tianjin Housing Project

Yamakawa Villa
Ishii House
Fujii House
Yokohama Expo 89
Hotakubo Housing
Inter-Junction City
House in Okayama
House in Kamakura
Okegawa Culture Park Project
Yamamoto Mental Clinic
Iwadeyama Junior High School
Saitama Prefectural University
Future University of Hakodate
Nishi Fire Station, Hiroshima
Yokohama Mitsukyo Housing
Wakayama Public University Project
Tokyo Weld Technical Center
Ban Building
D Clinic
Shinonome Canal Court, Block 1
Beijing Jian Wai SOHO
Exhibition: IFA, Gallery MA