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JA 37, Spring 2000

JA 37, Spring 2000

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English + Japanese / 226 x 297 mm / 670 g

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Framing of the House



Aluminum House in Sakurajosui: Toyo Ito & Associates, Architects

Small House: Kazuyo Sejima & Associates

Weekendhouse: Office of Ryue Nishizawa

Furniture House: Shigeru Ban, Architects

Natural Unit / Studio House: Masaki Endoh + Masahiro Ikeda

Mini-House: Yoshiharu Tsukamoto & Momoyo Kaijima / Atelier Bow-Wow, T.I.T. Tsukamoto Lab.

Koto House: Manabu Chiba / Factor N Associates

Space Blocks Kamishinjo: Kazuhiro Kojima / C+A

Tokiwadai House: Naoko Hirakura Architect and Associates

Angle Brace House: Masako Hayashi / Hayashi – Yamada – Nakahara, Architects

Timber Frame House with a Curtain Wall: Kunihide Oshinomi, Takeshi Semba

Setagaya Village: Osamu Ishiyama Lab., Department of Architecture, Waseda University

N-House: Ishihara Architect & Associates

The Strength of Houses Manabu Chiba
A new spatial image is conceivable, one in which no attempt is made to fit every architectural element into a clear hierarchy; every architectural element would instead be regarded as a structural element. The hierarchical notion that the structure is something that supports the building and is distinct from the building would be abandoned, or else the structural framing would become something abstract and invisible. The works included in this issue are small buildings in which attempts are made to establish a relationship in which structure and space are no longer separated but interpenetrate.
(quote from THE STRENGTH OF HOUSES Manabu Chiba)

The Shinkenchiku Residential Design Competition 2000
judge Toyo Ito

Winners in the 11th Takiron International Design Competition ’99

ISBN: 4-7869-0153-9 C3052