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a+u Architecture and Urbanism April 2023 Special Issue Feature: Pelli Clarke & Partners

a+u Architecture and Urbanism April 2023 Special Issue

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English + Japanese / 216 Pages / 221 x 297 mm / 770 g

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Founded in 1977, Pelli Clarke & Partners (PC&P) is an international architecture practice based in New Haven, Connecticut, and New York City. From the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) to World Financial Center, César Pelli led the firm through many pivotal moments, and his legacy continues to resonate and inspire all of PC&P’s subsequent work, as explored in the projects presented in this publication. Outlined in 4 thematic sections – Partnerships, Urbanity, Envelope, and Public Realm  – selected buildings and spaces designed by PC&P, from its formative years to today, illustrate how the firm nurtures sustainable collaborations and makes meaningful connections and contributions to communities and cities, while expressing sensitivity to purpose and place. This monograph not only serves as a tribute to César Pelli, but also represents a new chapter of PC&P’s vision for its future led by interdisciplinary teams of architects, designers, and technical experts across the globe.  (a+u)

Architecture as an Idea and as a Practice
Eeva-Liisa Pelkonen

Tracing the Origins of a Practice, Looking Forward from Spirited Beginnings

Expressing Values through Architecture

Curriculum, Collaboration, and Culture at Yale-NUS College
Richard Levin, Linda Lorimer, and Pericles Lewis

Yale-NUS College

Yale Science Building

Goldring/Woldenberg Complex at Tulane University

Trinity Commons

Theatre School at DePaul University

Buerger Center for Advanced Pediatric Care

American Airlines Robert L. Crandall Campus

Connecting Architecture into the City

Designing Modern Connectivity in Urban Spaces
Luca Molinari

Salesforce District

São Paulo Corporate Towers

Wolf Point

Union Park

Azabudai Hills

Innovating Form and Enclosure

Turning a Corner: Reflection and Response
Daniel Paul

Chengdu Museum of Natural History

Sidra Medicine

18 King Wah Road

Block 185

FMC Tower

Hancher Auditorium

Public Realm:
Fostering Human Connections

Reinventing the Public Realm
Michael Crosbie

Torre Sevilla and Centro Comercial

Porta Nuova Garibaldi and UniCredit Headquarters

Godrej One

2100 Pennsylvania Avenue

Wintrust Arena

Boston South Station

Brookfield Place

Pelli Clarke & Partners in Japan:
A Vibrant and Enduring Collaboration

Partner Profile