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Shinkenchiku December 2018 Special issue Taipei Nanshan Plaza— Architect's Diary 2012-2018

Shinkenchiku December 2018 Special issue

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English + Japanese / 208 Pages / 221 x 297 mm / 740 g

Paper Edition


This special issue of Shinkenchiku (“New Architecture”) traces how Mitsubishi Jisho Sekkei went about designing the Taipei Nanshan Plaza, in collaboration with the Nan Shan Life Insurance Company, local Taiwanese architects, and the project’s affiliated consultants.

The issue is designed to be read starting from either its front or its back. The included timeline at the bottom of its pages shows how a diverse range of issues—from urban design problems, environmental considerations, and design details— was considered almost simultaneously. Taipei Nanshan Plaza Architect’s Diary 2012-2018 was edited in Chinese, Japanese, and English, in the hope that it would be useful to children, students, and architectural professionals in Taiwan and elsewhere around the world. Through the example of the Taipei Nanshan Plaza, we hope to provoke an interest in cities and architecture.

Taipei Nanshan Plaza Architect’s Diary 2012-2018 includes: