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a+u Architecture and Urbanism November 2015 Special Issue House of the Future

a+u Architecture and Urbanism November 2015 Special Issue

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English + Japanese / 152 Pages / 148 x 210 mm / 265 g

Paper Edition


This Volume Presents an Image of the Future of our Living Environment Through an Examination of the Ways in which the Future of Architecture and the City has Been Conceived Since the Beginning of the Modern Period, Illustrated Through Plans and Photos from Past Decades. Based on a Joint Research Project Between Daiwa House and the Department of Architecture and Urban Design at the University of California, Los Angeles (Ucla) , this Volume is an Attempt to Trace the Historical Images of the Future of our Living Environment, and Explore the Idea of the Future.

Preface: Loosing Sight of the House

Chapter1: Introduction

A Domestic Future
The Future Woven into Everyday Life 8
Domesticity 19

Chapter 2: Transforming The Domesticity

1906–1939: Industrialized Domesticity 38
Industrialized Homesteading 40
The Modernist Core 46
The Mobile Home 50

1945–1972: Consuming Domesticity 56
Hyper-Consumption 58
Bubbles and Artificial Environments 72

1968–1996: Dispersing Domesticity 86
Ecology and the Environment 88
Domesticating the Digital:
Smart Homes, Home Computers, Cell Phones 100
Lifestyle: Branded Domesticity 110

Concluding the 20th Century: Network Domesticity 118

Chapter 3: The Future is the Expansion of Domesticity

The New Domesticity 124
Experience 124
Access 130
Connection 130
Management 134

141 Conclusion: The Present of the Futue

146 List of References & Credits