Jutakutokushu 2017:08 Special Issue Architecture and Life after 1945 The Japanese House

Jutakutokushu 2017:08 Special Issue

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English + Japanese / 256 Pages / 221 x 297 mm / 940 g


1. Introduction

2. Japaneseness
raymond House & Studio in Azabu 
The House of Prof.K.Saito 
A House (Tange House) 
A House with Chestnut Trees 
House in Kureha 

3. Prototype and Mass-Production
Yotsuya kano House 
Minimum House (Masuzawa House) 
Residence No.3 
Residence No.76 
Sekisui Heim M1 
Nakagin Capsule Tower 
Box House Series 
Wood House 

4. Earthy Concrete
Yoshizaka House 
Tower House (Azuma House) 
Moutain Lodge at Karuizawa 
A house with Center 

5. A House is a Work of Art
House in White 
Tanigawa House 
House in Uehara 
House under High-Voltage Lines 

6. Closed to Open
House in Minase 
Aiminium House 
House in Sakatayamatsuke 
House in Koganei 
House in Soshigaya 
House in Hanakoganei 
Silver Hut
House F

7. Play
Anti-Dwelling Box 
Miyajima House 
Face House 
Toy Block HouseⅠ 
House N 

8. Sensorial
House at Yaizu 1 
White U 
House in a Plum Grove 
T House 
O House 
Double Helix House 

9. Machiya: House Which Makes City
Row House in Sumiyoshi 
House in Daita 
House in Nipponbashi 
Spilit Machiya 

10. Redefining the Gap
House in Ota 
Mini House 
Moriyama House 
House NA 

11. Lightness
House in Kuwabara in Izu 
House in Kyodo 
House in Rokko 
Garden & House 

12. Unmarketable
Kaitakusya-no-ie (The Farmer’s House) 
Arimasuton Building 

13. Vernaculae: Linking with Nature 
Leek House 
Roof House 
Rectangle of Light
Pony Garden 
Sunny Loggia House 
House M 

14. Critique on Family 
My House (Seike House1) 
Sky House 
Hoshikawa Cubicles 
Pao:A Dwelling for Tokyo Nomad Women 
House in Okayama 
Light Coffin 
Setagaya Village (Ishiyama House) 
House & Atelier Bow Wow 
Yokohama Apartment 
Atelier Tenjinyama