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News Announcement from ja

Shifting towards a media that leverages today’s technology

We would like to thank our ja readers for the readership. ja has enjoyed a wide readership and audience and we are pleased to announce that ja will be renewed starting 2021. ja will continue to serve the role of publishing information on Japanese architecture by collaborating with Shinkenchiku Data to utilize contemporary technology such as machine learning and shift to being a monthly online publication (in English). We will continue to publish monographs on Japanese architects as the “ja Architect Series” in the form of special editions of a+u, through our group company A+U Publishing.

ja was first published in 1956 as SINKENTIKU, the English language edition of the Shinkenchiku, in response to the international activity of Japanese architects and global demand for information on Japanese architecture. The style of publishing English translations of excerpts from a monthly magazine was unprecedented at the time, and thanks to the support of our international readers, we have been able to disseminate information regarding major architectural works and important critical essays to an international audience for over 65 years.

Today, we are seeing a burgeoning interest in learning more about Japanese architecture and architects. In order to strengthen the role that it has played thus far, ja is about to transform and reinvent the possibilities of a media that leverages the distinctive qualities of both digital and paper (physical) formats.

As before, we will strive to create a product that will satisfy our readership and audience,and look very much forward to your continued support.

Shinkenchiku-sha Co., Ltd.
CEO Nobuyuki Yoshida