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Friday The Shinkenchiku Library

Book I, Chapter 2: Architecture of the Shōwa Era - The Status Between 1931 to 1937

The Shinkenchiku Library is a weekly series on au-magazine that introduces out-of-print publications from the 96-year-old Shinkenchiku-Sha archive. This is the second of 4 parts to Chapter 2 of Architecture of the Shōwa Era (published in 1977, written by Hiroshi Sasaki).

By the efforts of architect Takao Okada (1898-1993), who revamped Shinkenchiku magazine in the early days, the introduction of overseas architecture (architecture beyond Japan) was well-received by readers all around. This theme continued to develop in the 1930s. Materials were gathered mainly through correspondence with European architects and magazines. With this, the documentations of different regions were showcased.

Sasaki also mentioned – by covering overseas architecture comprehensively, it can be inferred that the editorial policy at the time was to try to pursue new perspectives of architecture.

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