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Friday The Shinkenchiku Library

Book I, Chapter 1: Architecture of the Shōwa Era - The Status Between 1925 to 1930

The Shinkenchiku Library is a weekly series on au-magazine that introduces out-of-print publications from the 96-year-old Shinkenchiku-Sha archive.

The second installment of Architecture of the Shōwa Era (by Hiroshi Sasaki, 1977) introduces Chapter 1 – The Status Between 1925 to 1930.

This chapter outlines the first 6 years (1925 to 1930) since the inaugural issue of Shinkenchiku magazine, one that started as a magazine specializing in housing. As the publishing house was situated in Osaka at the time, the publication mainly showcased the architectural world of the Kansai region. Gradually, the range of activities introduced was expanded. To name a few, more architects were featured and competitions for the Yoshioka Award were held (currently called Shinkenchiku Residential Design Competition, or 新建築住宅設計競技).

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