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a+u 2024:05 Feature: Manthey Kula Facts and Fictions

a+u 2024:05

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English + Japanese / 168 Pages / 219 x 292 mm / 500 g

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a+u’s May issue features Manthey Kula. Based in Norway, the firm was founded in 2004 by Beate Hølmebakk and Per Tamsen. This issue includes 13 built works and 5 paper-architecture projects. Manthey Kula’s buildings result from the encounter between the given program, sensitivity to the site, and methods of construction, while their paper architecture explores the relationship between storytelling and form through varied inspirations – dreams seen by others, women depicted in literature, an imaginary tribunal, and narratives woven by self and others. Manthey Kula’s architecture is based on story, making, and how things are made. They use words, drawings, and materials to construct a new and potent reality. In a world where architectural approaches and values have diversified, Manthey Kula targets another public realm – fiction – prompting the viewer’s intuition and imagination to “reaffirm our presence in the world.” (a+u)

Archipelago – Building from Solitude
Tribunal for the Displaced
Virginia – Four Houses Based on Female Literary Characters
Other House

Islands Are Forever
Mark Lee

Stella’s Room
Ode to Osaka
Taipei Bookcrossing

Wilful Characters
Malin Heyman

Akkarvik Roadside Restroom
Pålsbu Hydro Power Station
Skreda Rest Area
Hamburgö House
Myrbærholmen Fishing Bridges
Forvik Ferry Port
National Memorial at Utøyakaia
National Veterans Monument
The Mourning Buildings