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a+u 2023:03 Feature: Heatherwick Studio

a+u 2023:03

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a+u’s March issue features Heatherwick Studio. Founded in 1994 by British designer Thomas Heatherwick, the studio works on projects of various typologies and scales through investigating the possibilities of materials while focusing on their 3-dimensional design. Their work is consistent with their principles of having “empathy for materials,” to understand the soul of the materials by touching and feeling them sincerely. In the world of construction where “‘making’ has ended up disconnected, and thus devalued, from architecture,” Heatherwick describes himself as “an imposter – a maker in the world of designing big buildings.” His belief that buildings should be approached with the same attitude he treats fine craftsmanship is evident in the 18 projects featured in this issue. His ideas, which shift between the scale of the hand and the building, manifests themselves in many of his designs, most notably the UK Pavilion at the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai which looks like a plant seed resting on the riverbank, and Little Island in New York where flowerpots form a landscape. Today, his studio is exploring the notion of how architecture creates emotional connections with people, in the hope to interpret the intangible quality of soulfulness. (a+u)

Bund Finance Center

Bombay Sapphire Distillery

UK Pavilion

Materials House


Boiler Suit at Guy’s Hospital

“I’m an imposter – a maker in the world of designing buildings.”
Thomas Heatherwick in Conversation with Mami Kataoka

Google Bay View

Nanyang Technological University Learning Hub

Woolbeding Glasshouse

Maggie’s Yorkshire

The Science behind Our Emotional Connection to Architecture
Ruth Conroy Dalton

Little Island

Tian An 1000 Trees

Tree of Trees


Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa

Coal Drops Yard

Hainan Performing Arts Center

Azabudai Hills – Building a “Modern Urban Village” in the Middle of
the World’s Busiest City
Heatherwick Studio

Shingo Tsuji