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a+u 2022:01 Feature: Dwelling Studies and Japan's Women Architects

a+u 2022:01

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a+u’s January issue traces the extraordinary achievements by women architects in Japan and examines dwelling studies as a unique approach to the design of environments, centered upon daily living and relationships among people. The field began as a curriculum on “clothing, food, and housing” in the Department of Home Economics at Japan Women’s University at the turn of the 20th century and has played a profound role in the education of women architects in Japan. Masako Hayashi, Nobuko Ogawa, Kazuyo Sejima, Satoko Shinohara, Kazuko Akamatsu are some of the representative figures. Seven essays on these pages provide crucial historical documentation and insight into the early years of women architects making their mark in Japan. A graduate of the program and the issue’s guest editor Momoyo Kaijima defines dwelling studies as an open-ended approach to design that focuses on the exchange between designers and inhabitants to create spaces that embrace individuality. While dwelling studies was born within the unique institutional setting of Japan Women’s University in the midst of tumultuous social change, it has continued to enable the contemplation and realization of the contemporary. (a+u)

Dwelling Studies and Japan’s Women Architects
Momoyo Kaijima

Masako Hayashi
Kusazaki Club / Sansen-ryo (Japan Women’s University Seminar House in Karuizawa) / Our House Phase

Nobuko Ogawa
Honjo Daycare Center

Everyday Life as the Starting Point of Design
Nobuko Ogawa, Interviwer: Momoyo Kaijima, Namiko Minai

Koko Takahashi
Kuda no Ie (Tubular House)

A Field Where Flowers Come into Bloom
Yuzuru Tomonaga

Naoko Hirakura
House in Tomigaya

Kazuyo Sejima
Platform / Saishunkan Seiyaku Women’s Dormitory / Japan Women’s University Library, Classroom and Laboratory Building, and Student Cafeteria

Dwelling Studies and Place for Learning
Kazuyo Sejima and Satoko Shinohara, Moderator: Momoyo Kaijima

Satoko Shinohara
Kiyosato-kaku / Share Yarai-cho

Rie Azuma
Studio House in Ohara / Hoshinoya Karuizawa, Tombo-no-yu, and Harunire Terrace

Akiko Miya
Wall Behavior, Roofs and Windows

Yuki Ishiguro
Tongari / Apartment Building in Chofu

Kazuko Akamatsu
House SH / Uto Elementary School

Momoyo Kaijima
House and Atelier Bow-Wow/ Kitamoto Station West Square / Momonoura Village

Wajiro Kon and Dwelling Studies
Izumi Kuroishi

Dwelling Studies and the Evolving Curriculum
Namiko Minai

Michelle L. Hauk