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a+u 2021:11 Feature: Johnston Marklee

a+u 2021:11

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English + Japanese / 200 Pages / 219 x 292 mm / 700 g

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This November issue of a+u features the work of Johnston Marklee and Associates. Founded in 1998 and rooted in the cultural landscape of Los Angeles, their office has continuously sought dialogue with modern and contemporary art not only through clientele and project programs but also in design approach. A series of iconic houses quickly established the firm’s international acclaim, but in the past decade their projects have expanded greatly in scale and diversified in building type. The intense investigative nature that characterizes every project is often veiled behind playfulness and simplicity. What began as an “Architecture of Approximation” in the first decade of their practice eventuated in a body of work consisting of “Extremes and In-betweens,” as described in 2 essays written by Sharon Johnston and Mark Lee. Twenty-six key projects, ranging from houses and exhibitions to museums and institutions, are presented here alongside 8 thematic collages to convey the full range of Johnston Marklee’s works. Interspersed is a series of 12 commentaries by collaborators and colleagues, bringing the work of Johnston Marklee “to life with their interpretations.” (a+u)

Generic Specificity – 5 Points for an Architecture of Approximation
Extremes and In-Betweens
Sharon Johnston and Mark Lee

UCLA Margo Leavin Graduate Art Studios

Rice University VADA

UIC Center for the Arts

Green Line Arts Center

Super Resin Sakahama Factory

Knoll Home Design Shop

Dropbox Headquarters

Galleries/Exhibitions/Participatory Environments

A Small Library, through the Workroom, behind a Glass Door,
Lit by a Skylight Anna Neimark

Building Character Wonne Ickx

Speaking to Everyone Emanuel Christ


Menil Drawing Institute

Philadelphia Contemporary

Hilbert Museum of California Art

Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago

Natural History Museum and State Archives Basel

Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles

Pavilion of Six Views

Artist Photos

White on White
Mauricio Pezo and Sofia von Ellrichshausen

Sculpting Weightlessness Kersten Geers

Some Thoughts on Canal House Go Hasegawa


Hut House and Cliff Hut

Hill House

Ark House

Sale House

Canal House

Casa de Mont

Vault House

Physical Models



Flying Vaults Pier Paolo Tamburelli

Vault House Éric Lapierre

Work of Architecture in Age of Digital Dissemination
Jeannette Kuo

Alphabets and Collages


Holly Hunt Los Angeles

The Form of Form

Room for a Daybed

2017 Chicago Architecture Biennial: Make New History

On the Work of Johnston Marklee
Michael Meredith and Hilary Sample

The Architecture that True Architects Do
Antón García-Abril and Débora Mesa

Drawing the Line Alfredo Thiermann