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a+u 2021:07 Feature: House Looking into the World

a+u 2021:07

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a+u’s July issue features the work of 6 architectural practices from around the world, each providing a statement on the meaning of life, place, and form. In addition to our guest editor, Go Hasegawa, who is based in Tokyo, they are: 6a architects (London), Vector Architects (Beijing), MOS (New York), adamo-faiden (Buenos Aires), and HARQUITECTES (Barcelona). These practices belong to the same generation and share a similar attitude toward the house and its relationship to the world beyond. In her keynote essay, Giovanna Borasi discusses the evolving concept of lifecycle and work, new models of co-living, and “the misalignment between new societal needs and the architecture that houses them,” upholding the attitude of the architects featured. She describes these practices as advancing “an architecture that is not overly prescriptive in how we live, but instead frames it.” These 6 statements offer a timely reflection on residential design at a time of tremendous change. (a+u)

Go Hasegawa
Consciousness of “Roots”

6a architects

Vector Architects
Architecture as Mediator of Life

Architecture as Empathy

An Intermediate Climate

Natural Atmospheres

Reframing How We Live
Giovanna Borasi