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a+u 2021:05 S-MAO Sancho-Madridejos Architecture Office

a+u 2021:05

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English + Japanese / 176 Pages / 219 x 292 mm / 610 g

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a+u May issue features the work of Sancho-Madridejos Architecture Office (S-MAO). Based in Madrid, Spain and established in 1982 by Juan Carlos Sancho and Sol Madridejos, the office has developed a nuanced and committed practice rooted in investigations in plastic arts and aesthetic theory. An essay by their close friends, Antón García-Abril and Débora Mesa, reveals the deeper origins to S-MAO’s approach and describes how their trials and investigations have yielded “new processes in engineering, new construction systems, and a new language.” An ensemble of 20 projects, framed according to 2 investigative themes, are featured in this monograph, supported by axonometric diagrams and concept models. The multiple views of early study models convey the obsessive search for an “original space,” as described by García-Abril and Mesa, where structure, envelope, and shape come together. (a+u)

Juan Carlos Sancho

Valvanera Sports Complex
City Hall and Community Center in San Fernando de Henares
Anabel Segura Community Center
Sports Complex in Galdakao
Arrixaca University Hospital Teaching Center
Alicante Museum of Contemporary Art (MACA)
Clubhouse in Qingpu
14 Viñas Winery
Shopping Center in Éibar
Fundo Moray Center

Themes and variations in the work of S-MAO
Antón García-Abril and Débora Mesa

Juan Carlos Sancho

Chapel and House in Valleacerón
Church in Qingpu
Housing Cantalares
Shade-Water-Breeze Fold
Innovation and Business Development Center (CAT)
Technology Dome
IESE Business School
Chapel and House in Sierra la Villa
Outdoor Stage and Culture Hub in Alburouj
New Luohu Culture and Art Center