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a+u 2020:03 Architecture in Chile – In Search of a New Identity

a+u 2020:03

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Located at the “end of the world,” Chile’s idyllic landscapes create a perfect canvas for Chilean architects to express poetry in their architecture. To many, it is the utopian holiday homes that brought Chilean architecture into the international scene, and examples of these houses were previously featured in a+u 06:07 and in this issue, the House for the Poem of the Right Angle (see pp. 24–33) and Loba House (see pp. 44–51). Following 2010, however, we begin to see a different group of architects looking into less individualistic visions. Guided by a moral compass, they engage with the public or take up non-profit projects – Ruca Dwellings (see pp. 120–123) and Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center (see pp. 138–145) – that focus on social and sustainable issues which came to a halt during times of oppression. In an introductory essay, Diego Grass, an architect and tutor at Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, shares with us his insights into Chilean architecture since the 1990s. He describes how having gone through years of persistent domestic unrest, the country seeks to forge a new cultural identity that would bring a divided Chile together. 18 projects are selected in this issue to broaden our perspectives into architecture found in Chile, and the many ways these architects respond to its landscapes and urban territories.

Essay: CHILE #2 – Architecture since 1990 Diego Grass Works Sebastian Irarrazaval Casa 2Y Smiljan Radic´ House for the Poem of the Right Angle Smiljan Radic´ Prism House + Terrace Room Pezo von Ellrichshausen Loba House Max Núñez Ghat House Guillermo Acuña Isla Lebe Ortuzar Gebauer Architects Palafito del Mar Hotel Cazu Zegers Architects Hotel of the Wind – Tierra Patagonia Hotel Coz, Polidura, Volante, Soto Museum of the Atacama Desert Undurraga Devés Architects Retiro Chapel Emilio Marín, Juan Carlos López Desert Interpretation Center Max Núñez Glass House Undurraga Devés Architects Ruca Dwellings OWAR Architects Housing Complex in Quinta Normal Izquierdo Lehmann Architects Cruz del Sur Building Cristián Fernández Architects,Lateral Architecture & Design Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center Joaquín Velasco Rubio Dinamarca 399 Cecilia Puga, Paula Velasco, Alberto Moletto Palacio Pereira