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a+u 2019:10 Feature: Drawings from the Kenzo Tange Archive – National Gymnasiums for Tokyo Olympics

a+u 2019:10

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The October 2019 issue of a+u showcases original drawings for the National Gymnasiums of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics (also known as the Yoyogi National Gymnasiums, and the Yoyogi Gymnasiums), which are among the many items from the Kenzo Tange Archive recently restored at Harvard University. Treated with the same care and precision as a restored painting, these technical drawings allow us to understand the architecture in tremendous detail—and to glimpse into the minds of its creators as they produced these lines.

a+u Drawings from the Kenzo Tange Archive– National Gymnasiums for Tokyo Olympics features a series of viewpoints and commentaries by experts from Japan and abroad, including interviews with Fumihiko Maki and Kengo Kuma, and with Koichi Sone, as well as essays by Mike Schlaich, a structural engineer. This issue’s guest editor is Seng Kuan, who curated the exhibition “Utopia Across Scales: Highlights from the Kenzo Tange Archive” held at the Harvard Graduate School of Design in 2009.

a+u Drawings from the Kenzo Tange Archive– National Gymnasiums for Tokyo Olympics includes:

Tange’s Yoyogi, World’s Yoyogi
Seng Kuan

The Kenzo Tange I Knew
Fumihiko Maki, Kengo Kuma, Seng Kuan

Drawings of National Gymnasiums for Tokyo

Site plans

No. 1 Gymnasium

No. 2 Gymnasium

Landscape and Other Facilities

Yoyogi Gymnasiums, Mamoru Kawaguchi and Modern Douoble-Curved Lightweight Structures
Mike Schlaich

The Olympics Facility Master Plan and Tokyo’s Urban Planning
Naoto Nakajima

Preservation of the Kenzo Tange Archive Architectural Drawings
Debora D. Mayer, Kelli Piotrowski

Classic Tange Buildings Living in the Present

Main Building of Hiroshima Peace Memorial (Formerly Hiroshima Peace Center)

Saint Mary’s Cathedral, Tokyo

Kagawa Prefectural Government Building (Formerly Main Building, now East Building)

Yamanashi Press and Broadcasting Center

Yukari Nursery School

World Heritage and the Modern Era
Nobuko Inaba

Renewing Tange’s Early Works
Paul Noritaka Tange

The Era That Dreamt of Structure – Not Only Yoyogi
Yuki Ozawa

In Memoriam:
Mamoru Kawaguchi (1932–2019)
Arata Isozaki, Mutsuro Sasaki, Hiroshi Naito, Guy Nordenson,
Kazuyo Sejima

In Memoriam:
César Pelli (1926–2019)
His Work on Architecture and Cities in Japan
Fred Clarke, Jun Mitsui