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a+u 2019:05 Mid-century Modern Houses in New Canaan

a+u 2019:05

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English + Japanese / 208 Pages / 219 x 292 mm / 780 g

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This issue of a+u examines the work of nine Modern architects who designed residences in New Canaan, Connecticut, between the years 1947-1979.

Described by guest editor Alan Goldberg, FAIA, as a time in which anything seemed possible, the context established in Mid-century Modern Houses in New Canaan re-frames some of last century’s avant-garde as inspiration for problem-solving in the “spirit of the times.”

a+u Mid-century Modern Houses in New Canaan includes:

I Was There
Alan Goldberg, Guest Editor

New Canaan in The Context of American Modernism
Michael Webb

Other Modern Houses—Demolished, Reconfigured, Obscured, Unavailable
Alan Goldberg

Historical Records


Glass House Compound
Philip Johnson

Breuer House I
Marcel Breuer

Breuer House II
Marcel Breuer

Wiley House
Philip Johnson

Lee House I
John Black Lee

Noyes House II
Eliot Noyes

Rayward "Tirranna" House
Frank Lloyd Wright

Warner "Bridge" House
John Johansen

Celanese House
Edward Durell Stone

Boissonnas House
Philip Johnson

Tatum House
Hugh Smallen

Parsons House
Hugh Smallen

Goldberg House
Alan Goldberg

Chivvis House
Eliot Noyes, Alan Goldberg

Selected Details
Alan Goldberg

Architect Biographies