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a+u 2018:12 NBBJ – Creating Community

a+u 2018:12

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English + Japanese / 192 Pages / 219 x 292 mm / 750 g

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Founded in Seattle in 1943, NBBJ has built a trans-disciplinary reputation through collaborations with companies such as Microsoft, Samsung, Amazon, Tencent, and Alibaba, and through active partnerships with industry leaders that the architecture profession doesn’t often interface with—such as those leading in neuroscience and botany.

This issue of a+u explores 14 projects that makeup only a fraction of the firm’s 75-year legacy, focusing specifically on the company culture of flexibility and adaptation that has enabled NBBJ to challenge, and be challenged by, its innovative clients.

a+u NBBJ Creating Community includes:

What’s Next
Clifford Pearson

What We Care About
Steve McConnell, Jonathan Ward,
Alyson Erwin, Nate Holland, Vivian Ngo

Escaping Good Design
Shannon Nichol

They’re Alive! Skyscrapers that Breathe, Evolve, and (Maybe
Even) Move

Clifford Pearson

New Methods, New Results
Phil Bernstein

The Re-Socialization of Patient Care
Richard Dallam, Ryan Hullinger

The Distance Between a Neuron and a Building
John J. Medina


Amazon in the Regrade
The Spheres, Doppler and Meeting Center, Day One
Client Interview: John Schoettler
Interviewer: John Savo, Dale Alberda

REI at the Spring District

Columbus Metropolitan Library, Northside Branch
Client Interview: Alison Circle
Interviewer: Mike Suriano

Meridian Center for Health

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Samsung America Headquarters
Client Interview: Jim Elliott
Interviewer: Jonathan Ward

Ant Financial Z Space

Tencent Seafront Towers
Client Interview: Chao (Ivan) Wan
Interviewer: Wei Hu

Rainier Square

The Realm and Great Room, Taikoo Place

Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center

Seattle City Light, Denny Substation

Massachusetts General Hospital, Lunder Building
Client Interview: Jean Elrick
Interviewer: Joan Saba, Jay Siebenmorgen

New General Hospital