a+u 2018:10 Making Friends with the Land, People and Time – Architecture in Taiwan

a+u 2018:10

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This issue features the architecture of Taiwan, an island-state in East Asia largely covered with steep, rugged mountain ranges and densely populated along its perimeter. a+u approached the making of this issue through first-hand experience: traversing the island and making friends with local people. Through casual conversations and during countless meals and driving trips, we began to understand the country’s contemporary architecture culture— often characterized by a strong comradeship between authorities, academics, developers, building professionals, and citizens.

Over the past quarter of a century, architecture in Taiwan has morphed from a field exclusive to professionals to one that is relatable to, and enjoyed by, a larger public. Amid a rapidly changing political and socioeconomic climate, the country has seen the development of innovative public works and complex mixed-use projects. We have selected work that we feel is sensitively borne out of these conditions, with respect to Taiwan’s environment, culture, and history.

a+u Making Friends with the Land, People and Time – Architecture in Taiwan includes:

Taiwan Architecture: a Quarter Century of Change
Chun-Hsiung Wang

The Architectural Culture of Taiwan, a Special Island
Yasuaki Onoda


Fieldoffice Architects
Cherry Orchard Cemetery

Jay Chiu Architects
921 Earthquake Museum Chelungpu Fault Gallery

Lanyang Museum

Fieldoffice Architects
First Vascular Bundle

HARMONIOUS Architects & Planners
Sanshing Township Office

Fieldoffice Architects
Luodong Cultural Working House

Mecanoo architecten
National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts

Toyo Ito & Associates, Architects
National Taichung Theatre

Taipei Performing Arts Centre

behet bondzio lin architekten
Hsinfu Market Restoration / U-Market

EHS Archilab
Folio Daan Hotel

Atelier Or
Shih Chien University Campus Renovation

B.M.T. Atelier
International Bodhisattva Sangha

HARMONIOUS Architects & Planners
House in Meinong

Casagrande Laboratory

Fieldevo Design Studio
Ayni House

Chih-Jen Yeh (BK) Architects
Idle House

Akihisa Hirata Architecture Office
Fu Fu Hwa He

Wen Sheng Lee Architects and Planners

Jun Aoki & Associates
JUT Bing Jiang Center

Jay Chiu Architects
Pavilion for Yunlin Agricultural Expo – Fashion Runway

Atelier Or
The Memory of 80’s Pavilion

Divooe Zein Architects
Siu Siu – Lab of Primitive Senses

Essay Series, vol. 6
Niche Shrines and Temples
Suguru Kanata