a+u 2017:10 American Architecture 1945–1970 Beginning of the Modern Architecture

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Feature: American Architecture 1945–1970 Beginning of the Modern Architecture

An American Age
Yasuhiro Teramatsu

MIT Baker House Dormitory Alvar Aalto
Usonian Weltzheimer / Johnson House Frank Lloyd Wright
Kaufmann Desert House Richard Neutra
Case Study House #8 (Eames House) Charles Eames
Case Study House #9 (Entenza House) Charles Eames, Eero Saarinen
Glass House Philip Johnson
Rockefeller Guest House Philip Johnson
Farnsworth House Mies van der Rohe
Ford House Bruce Goff
Wayfarers Chapel Lloyd Wright
860-880 Lake Shore Drive Apartments Mies van der Rohe
Lever House SOM
United Nations Headquarters
Harrison and Abramovitz, etc (Original: Le Corbusier, etc)
Yale University Art Center Louis Kahn
Gene Bavinger House Bruce Goff
MIT Chapel Eero Saarinen
IIT Crown Hall Mies van der Rohe
Seagram Building Mies van der Rohe
Guggenheim Museum Frank Lloid Wright
Sert House Josep Lluis Sert
Hooper House Marcel Breuer
Malin Residence John Lautner
Case Study House #22 (Stahl House) Pierre Koening
Sarasota High School Paul Rudolph
Richards Medical Research Laboratories Louis Kahn
Chase Manhattan Bank SOM
U.S. Air Force Academy – Cadet Chapel SOM
Beinecke Rare Book Library, Yale University SOM
Dulles International Airport Eero Saarinen
John Deere and Company Eero Saarinen
Vanna Venturi House Robert Venturi
Guild House Robert Venturi
Sea Ranch Condominium Charles Moore (MLTW), Lawrence Halprin
Oakland Museum of California Kevin Roche
Portland Open Space Sequence Lawrence Halprin
Ford Foundation Headquarters Kevin Roche
Salk Institute Louis Kahn
Kappe House Ray Kappe
Smith House Richard Meier
Norman Fisher House Louis Kahn
Boston City Hall Kallmann Mckinnell and Knowles
Lincoln Center Wallace Harrison
House #2 Peter Eisenman
Walstrom House John Lautner
Knights of Columbus Kevin Roche
United States Pavilion, Expo ’67 Richard Buckminster Fuller

American Architecture 1945–1970: From Post-War to Post-Modern
Fred A. Bernstein