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a+u 2017:09 Bernt Nyberg

a+u 2017:09

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English + Japanese / 192 Pages / 219 x 292 mm / 800 g

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This issue of a+u presents a rare glimpse of the seldom-discussed work of Swiss Modernist Bernt Nyberg.

a+u Bernt Nyberg includes: Introduction Matthew Hall Timeline Formative Projects 1958–1976 Essays Poets of Matter: Bernt Nyberg and Mid-20th Century Swedish Architecture Wilfried Wang A Shared Reality Vanja Knocke Nyberg and Lewerentz: Influence and Refinement Matthew Hall Rediscovering and Contextualizing Nyberg Hansjörg Göritz Nyberg’s Endangered Architecture Matthew Hall Nyberg & Koistinen 1958–1964 Nyberg and Koistinen / The Early Work Skånska Drive-up Bank Sports Field and Arena City Stoneworkers Workshop and Storage Row Houses Nursing Home Complex Villa Leander Villa Palm Nyberg & Lewerentz 1966–1975 Flower Kiosk at The Eastern Cemetery State House Competition Växjö Church Competition Nyberg 1966–1978 Cemetery Maintenance Complex Anatomy & Histology Building Economics Faculty Building Conversion & Temporary Building for Agricultural Technology Regional Archive Funeral Chapel County Administration Building Prefabricated Separate Houses