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a+u 2017:07 Melancholy & Dwelling—Contemporary Houses in Denmark

a+u 2017:07

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English + Japanese / 176 Pages / 219 x 292 mm / 650 g

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This issue of a+u examines the influence of the Danish landscape and climate on the development of Danish residential environments—the sensation of “melancholy,” and the conscious manipulation of “mood,” playing a central role in this investigation.

a+u Melancholy & Dwelling — Contemporary Houses in Denmark includes: Essay Melancholy as a Generator for Indigenous Spatial Practice Lise Juel Works The Modern Seaweed House Vandkunsten Architects Villa Platan ADEPT Ablehaven 1 Jeppe Utzon Vipp Shelter Vipp Skybox House Primus Architects Brick House LETH & GORI Langitangi Country House KRADS Villa Thuesen Praksis Architects Palsgaard Estate Friis & Moltke Architects Roof House LETH & GORI Villa Hideaway E+N Architecture Villa Wienberg Friis & Moltke Architects and Wienberg Architects Odensevej 155 Jeppe Utzon Atelier Kvalnes Trude Mardal Fureso Atelier Lise Juel Black House Anders Abraham Architects Gammel Strand Atelier Lise Juel