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a+u 2017:01 Go Hasegawa

a+u 2017:01

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English + Japanese / 168 Pages / 219 x 292 mm / 650 g

Digital Edition
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This edition of a+u is dedicated to the architecture of Japanese architect Go Hasegawa. Throughout his career, Hasegawa has focused on the spatial dimensions, gravity, and passing of time perceived by those inhabiting his work. With projects often varying in size and use— be it a small hut in a forest, a house in a dense urban neighborhood in Japan, or a plaza in a metropolis— he challenges preexisting ideas on largeness/smallness, heaviness/lightness, and newness/oldness, and seeks in them values that have not been recognized previously.

The essence of Hasegawa’s architecture is best expressed through detail sections. These drawings reveal— especially in the details of connections between architectural elements or structural parts— his observations on his architecture’s historical surroundings, and his willingness to relate to the world.

a+u Go Hasegawa includes:

Amplitude in the Experience of Space– Spatial Dimensions, Gravity, Time
Go Hasegawa


Yoshino Cedar House

House in a Forest

House in Yokohama

Row House in Ageo

House in Sakuradai

Iced Coffee Shop

Shin Fu Market

House in Kyodo

House in Komazawa

Pilotis in a Forest

Tower in Boisbuchet

Gazebo in Shanghai

Apartment in Nerima

Social Housing in Lausanne

T Project

House in Gotanda

Town House in Asakusa

>Apartment in Okachimachi

Chapel in Guastalla