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a+u 2017:01 Go Hasegawa

a+u 2017:01 Go Hasegawa


Feature: Go Hasegawa
168 Pages / 292mm x 219mm / English / Japanese

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Go Hasegawa

Essay: Amplitude in the Experience of Space – Spatial Dimensions, Gravity, Time
Go Hasegawa

Yoshino Cedar House

House in a Forest

House in Yokohama

Row House in Ageo

House in Sakuradai

Iced Coffee Shop

Shin Fu Market

House in Kyodo

House in Komazawa

Pilotis in a Forest

Tower in Boisbuchet

Gazebo in Shanghai

Apartment in Nerima

Social Housing in Lausanne

T Project

House in Gotanda

Town House in Asakusa

Apartment in Okachimachi

Chapel in Guastalla