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a+u 2015:10 Gion A. Caminada

a+u 2015:10

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English + Japanese / 160 Pages / 219 x 292 mm / 560 g

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Cover: General view of Vrin. Photo by Shinkenchiku-sha.

Feature: Gion A. Caminada Interview: Possibility of the Architecture – Area Activation and Promotion of DiversityGion A. CaminadaArea Map of Caminada’s Works in SwitzerlandVrinStiva da mortsTelephone BoxCaminada HouseVrin Village OfficeVrin Multipurpose HallMazlariaCaviezel HouseSawmillCaminada StableDerungs StableAlp ParvalsaunsDisentis / MustérFarm of the Abbey of DisentisDisentis DairyGirl’s Dormitory of the Abbey of DisentisValendasGasthaus am BrunnenEssay: Architecture beyond the object: What it means not to have onlythe finished object in sight during the design processTom SchoperStrickbau – Log BuildingWalpen HouseSegmüller HouseStockar Gasser HouseGirsberger HouseUstria SteilaBeckel Kübler HouseEssay: “As if the house had always stood there …”Miscellanea on the House in Fürstenaubruck, 2004–2006Christof Kübler, Inge BeckelLook-out Tower, Reuss River DeltaAdministration Building of Swiss Open-Air Museum BallenbergTerri Alpine HutTegia da vautLook-out Tower, Nature and Animal Park GoldauEssay: Creating Places: The Adula – A Lighthouse for City and CountryGion A. CaminadaEssay Series: Architecture: Biological Form and Artificial IntelligencePart 2Nikos A. Salingaros, Kenneth G. Masden IISpotlight: The Whitney Museum of American Art at GansevoortRenzo Piano Building Workshop