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a+u 2014:04 Juliaan Lampens

a+u 2014:04

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English + Japanese / 136 Pages / 219 x 292 mm / 480 g

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Cover: House Van Wassenhove by Juliaan Lampens. Photo by Filip Dujardin.

Feature :

Juliaan Lampens

Interview: The Essence of Architecture in Lines and MaterialsJuliaan Lampens


Essay: The Carpenter and the Draughtsman: an Embedded Report on the Architecture of Juliaan LampensJo Van Den Berghe

Introduction: The Landscape – the Tent and the GrottoJo Van Den Berghe

House Juliaan Lampens – Van Hove

House Vandenhaute – Kiebooms

Kerselare Chapel

House Van Wassenhove

Essay: Rediscovering Juliaan LampensChristophe Van Gerrewey and Fredie Floré

House Diane Lampens

House Derwael – Thienpont

Loft Lauwers

National Boerenkrijg Museum

Sint-Lucas Secondary Art School (Competition)

House De La Ruelle – Van Moffaert

House Velghe – Vanderlinden