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a+u 2013:09 bbevk perović arhitekti

a+u 2013:09

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English + Japanese / 136 Pages / 219 x 292 mm / 490 g

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Cover: NUK2 by bevk perovic´ arhitekti. Photo: courtesy of the architects.

Feature : bevk perovic´ arhitekti

Essay: Modest Yet AmbitiousTadej Glažar


Gebouw O

Erasmushogeschool Brussels

NZS HQ (Football Association HQ)

Kinderspital Housing

Apartment Building Prule

Essay: Undecorated Sheds –the Residential Alphabet of bevk perovic´ arhitektiLuis Fernández-Galiano

House H

House TV

Weekend House TV

House D

House HB

House R

Interview: Reading ConditionsMatija Bevk, Vasa J. Perovic´

Housing Polje 1, 2, 3

Housing Polje 1

Housing Polje 2

Housing Polje 3

Student Housing Poljane


bevk perovic´ arhitekti Partial Chronology