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a+u 2012:05 500th Issue Word and Image

a+u 2012:05

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Feature: 500th Issue Word and Image

With this issue, a+u reaches a landmark 500 issues since its foundation. That we have come this far is due solely to the support of our readers and others involved in the field of architecture. We are very grateful.
In todays global information society, the world seems to have become smaller. As the view changes, it seems that creativity and the thirst for knowledge are being lost.
Around 1971, when this magazine was founded, it must have been incomparably harder to gather information about international architecture than it is today, when information of every kind is overflowing on the Web. In those times, one of the pleasures of reading must have been the exercise of imagination touched off by a photo (often a grainy one) or a phrase in a essay.
For issue 500, three editorial advisors have selected the best from among the many brilliant essays contributed to a+u by authors from around the world.
The selected essays are remarkable for their insight into architectural trends of the time and for the inspiration they offer for the architecture of the future. Drawings are presented along with the essays.
We hope that the essays republished here will be read by readers from the generation born after a+u was founded, and that they will find hints to inspire their thinking about architecture to come. This fall, we intend to publish another commemorative issue devoted to visual material from the first 500 issues.Regardless of the 40 years of architectural history introduced in these pages, and regardless of region, we have always tried to introduce the architecture that readers of the time demanded. Without chasing after fads and fashions, a+u will continue its conversation with the best that architecture has to offer. Please look forward to it. (Translated from Japanese by Thomas Donahue)Nobuyuki Yoshida
a+u 500 Covers

On a Selection Word and Image
Yasuhiro Teramatsu, Erwin J.S.Viray, Ken Tadashi Oshima

Paul Rudolph (a+u 71:02)
Essay: Twentieth Century Brick

Louis I. Kahn (a+u 73:01)
Essay: The Room, the Street and Human Agreement

Colin Rowe (a+u 75:10)
Essay: The Mathematics of the Ideal Villa

Bernard Tschumi (a+u 80:06)
Architectural Manifestoes Three Spaces

Rem Koolhaas (a+u 88:10)
From Delirious New York

Jeff Kipnis (a+u 90:01, Feature: Peter Eisenman)
Essay: A Matter of Respect

Jean-Louis Cohen (a+u 91:03)
Essay: Architecture and Modernity in the Soviet Union 19001937 part 1: The October Revolution and the Continuity of Architectural Culture

Jacques Lucan (a+u 95:09)
Essay: Architecture: Face to Face with Matter

Peter Zumthor (a+u 97:01)
Essay: The Body of Architecture Observations

Zaha M. Hadid, Wolf Prix, and Bernard Tschumi (a+u 98:07, Feature: Reality of the Image)

Sverre Fehns Sketches (a+u 99:01)

Barry Bergdoll (a+u 03:01)
Essay: Schinkel and Mies: Natures Perspective (Excerpts)

Toyo Ito (a+u 04:05)
Interview: In Pursuit of an Invisible Image (Interviewer: Kumiko Inui)

Peter Maekli (a+u 08:01)
Fragment of Lecture: On Ancient Architecture