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a+u 2009:11 Kerry Hill - Crafting Modernism in Asia Pacific

a+u 2009:11

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Feature: Kerry Hill
Crafting Modernism in Asia Pacific

In this issue, we feature the works of Kerry Hill, who is firmly rooted in modernism and questions its relevance in this day and age, and also in the context of the land and its culture.

The selected projects consist of various typologies and locales ranging from houses to institutions, with a focus on those in the Asia Pacific region amongst his many other works around the world. The major works featured here are Amankora in Bhutan, ITC Sonar Bangla and Aman New Delhi in India, all newly photographed for this issue.

Along with these projects, we include three articles. The first is Geoffrey Londons essay, An Evolving Practice, which tracks the trajectory of Kerry Hills career and the refinement of his designs. In Erwin J. S. Virays interview and the conversation between Kerry Hill and three young Singaporean architects, we explore Kerry Hills interest in spatial composition, site and context, and the challenges of architecture and practice in Singapore. (a+u)

Essay: An Evolving Practice
Geoffrey London

Amankora Paro

Amankora Thimpu

Amankora Punakha

Amankora Gangtey

Essay: Bhutan and Amankora
Kerry Hill

The Lalu

Soi 53 Apartments

The Chedi Chiang Mai

Ogilvie House

State Theatre Centre of Western Australia

Interview: Kerry Hill
The Felt Structure of Reality
Interviewer: Erwin J.S. Viray


Singapore Cricket Association Pavilion

Singapore Zoological Gardens New Entrance Plaza

Garlick Avenue House

Conversation: Kerry Hill and Young Architects
Thoughts on Site, Space and the Future
Colin Seah, Chang Yong Ter and Tan Cheng Ling

Black Pavilion

Aman New Delhi

ITC Sonar Bangla