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a+u 2009:05 Architecture in Argentina

a+u 2009:05

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Cover: Homage Park – Juan and Eva Perón Mausoleum by AFRA + LGR + Fernández Prieto & asociados. Photo: Leonardo Finotti.

Feature: Architecture in Argentina



Stenersen Museum and Deichman Library in Oslo, Norway Competitions Results

Clinton Park in New York by TEN Arquitectos


Architecture in Argentina

What comes to mind in at the mention of Argentina, thesouthernmost country of Latin America? From the timeArgentina was colonized by the Spanish in the 16th century, European values have permeated deep into the land. In the late 19th century, Argentina welcomed European immigration, resulting in a culturally integrated population of, with up to 90% of Argentine citizenes claiming European descent. Not surprisingly, European architecture adorns Argentina’s cities and particularly Buenos Aires, which is commonly known as South America’s Paris. At the same time, in finding these cities surrounded by the expansive pampas, one is reminded that this is South America.This issue will introduce some of the works built in Argentina over the past 20 years. The three essays discuss issues of modernism in Argentina, prevailing tendencies amongst young architects, and the influence of the built environment on architectural discourse, paying special attention to the city of Buenos Aires.

Essay: Notes on Argentine Architecture

Alfonso Corona-Martinez AFRA + LGR + Fernández Prieto & asociados

Homage Park – Juan and Eva Perón Mausoleum

Rafael Iglesia

International Amusement Park of RosarioAltamira Building Quincho II

Marcelo Villafañe

Florencia Raigal HouseEssay: Between Performance and Representation– Urban Typologies in Global Buenos Aires

Julián Varas Alejandro Sticotti

House in Olivos

Max Zolkwer Architect

Min House

Dieguez Fridman Arquitectos & Asociados

Building on Clay Street


House MCMC

Pablo T. Betía

Pan Klub Foundation, Xul Solar Museum


Chalú HouseConesa 4560 Essay: Proposals from the End of the World

Florencia Rodríguez Ana Etkin

Bodega Don Bosco

Bertolino-Barrado Oficina de Arquitectura

Córdoba Botanical Garden

GGMPU Architects + Lucio Morini

Provincial Museum of Fine Arts Emilio Caraffa

Cristián Nanzer and Mariela Marchisio

House Sky Villa