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a+u 2018:08

a+u 2018:08


176 Pages / 292mm x 219mm / English /Japanese


Feature: selgascano

Introduction: selgascano – Reinventing the Relationship between
Scarcity and Boldness
Anatxu Zabalbeascoa

Silicon House – House in La Florida

Office in the Woods

Badajoz Conference Centre and Auditorium

Mérida Factory Youth Movement

El “B” Cartagena Auditorium and Congress Centre

Plasencia Auditorium and Congress Centre

Second Home Hanbury Street

Immunization and Education Centre for Turkana

Serpentine Gallery Pavilion


Kibera Hamlets

Second Home LoLA

Second Home HolLA

Sam First Bar

Second Home Holland Park

Second Home Lisbon

Martell Pavilion

Bruges Pavilion

Knight Dragon

Interview: Ryue Nishizawa
On the Road with selgascano

Essay Series, vol. 4: The Architectural Design of Shrines and Temples
Suguru Kanata