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Jutakutokushu 2019:05 Living in the City

Jutakutokushu 2019:05

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Japanese / 168 Pages / 221 x 297 mm / 650 g

Digital Edition


This is the May 2019 issue of Jutakutokushu, a “special housing” periodical that examines the intersection of architectural design and day-to-day living. Every issue introduces ten or more houses with beautiful photography and detailed architectural drawings.

This issue of Jutakutokushu includes:


Love2 House
Takeshi Hosaka Design Office

Furusawa House
Furusawa Daisuke Laboratory

The House of the Layer
Makoto Takei + Chie Nabeshima / TNA

Home to Go #001
Yasutaka Yoshimura Architects

Interval House
Furuya Design Office

Tenroku Matya
Setsuko Sakakibara

Omiya Penthouse
Hitoshi Wakamatsu Architect + Associates

House on the Slope
Kurabayashi Architects


Two Slopes
Takanori Kagawa + Junko Kishigami / SPACESPACE

Former Ochaya
Uotani Building Research Institute of Kashihara

House for Living in a Park
Shuhei Goto Architects

Acquired Stilt House
Ryutaro Saito / DOG

Carve House
Torao + Hsieh Architects

Oyamadai House

Moth House
Michimasa Kawaguchi Architect & Associates

KOMADA Architects Office