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a+u 2018:07 Feature: Aires Mateus

a+u 2018:07 Feature: Aires Mateus


208 Pages / 292mm x 219mm / English /Japanese


Aires Mateus

Introduction: Time is the Raw Material
Ricardo Carvalho

House in Azeitão

Santa Marta Lighthouse Museum

Monitoring and Investigation Centre and
Accommodation for Researchers in Furnas

Houses for Elderly People in Alcácer do Sal

House in Monsaraz

Atelier Cecílio de Sousa

House in Alcobaça

Primary School in Vila Nova da Barquinha

EDP Headquarters

House in the Alentejo Coast

House in Ajuda

House in Melides I

House in Time

Meeting Centre in Grândola

RADIX / Common Ground

House in Melides II

Santa Clara 1728

House in Estrela

Renovation of the Trinity College

Faculty of Architecture in Tournai

Olivier Debré Contemporary Creation Centre

Fenda – 15th Biennale di Architettura di Venezia

Interview: Architecture as an Art of Permanence
Manuel Aires Mateus

Essay Series, vol. 3:
The Evolution of Temple and Shrine Structures
Suguru Kanata