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Architecture The Art of the Japanese Bath

House in Asamayama by Kidosaki Architects Studio

Kasahara House in Karuizawa by Ken Yokogawa Architect Associates

Situated in Nagano Prefecture across from Mt. Asama, this weekend house has a bathroom attached to the master bedroom. This private room is situated on the lower level along the hill. The wall on northwest is fully glazed and screened by the forest. There are two bathtubs in the room: one made of cypress while the other is dug in the black-granite-clad floor.

Villa M in Fujizakura by Ken Yokogawa Architect & Associates

Cliff House by Yoshifumi Nakamura

Lemm Hut by Yoshifumi Nakamura

White Hut and Tilia Japonica by Takahashi Maki and Associates

Sky Garden House by Keiji Ashizawa Design

Dual House by Kohmura Kenichi / Ken-Architects

The two bathrooms of this house – located in a residential neighborhood in Tokyo – have distinct characters. One faces a park on the west and the other faces the adjacent bamboo grove to the east. The sloped ceiling of the east side bathroom is clad with bamboo reflecting its surroundings.

Earth, Wind & Sunshine by Akira Hikone / A. H. Architects

House in Yamasaki by Yo Shimada

Soft and Hairy House by Ushida Findlay

House in Karuizawa by Yasushi Horibe Architect & Associates

House in Shioya by Mitsumasa Sadakata / uemachi laboratory

House in Monzen by Satoshi Okada architects

House in Ichihara by Yasushi Horibe Architect & Associates

Floating House between Sea and Forest by Eiji Ueno / Oak Village

Lakeside House by Kidosaki Architects Studio

House in Machikaneyama by Kita Chikara