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Architecture Takeshi Hosaka – Ku u so u

Currently on show in Budweis, Czech Republic, Japanese architect Takeshi Hosaka presents his work for the first time in Europe. The exhibition "Ku u so u" includes the sketches were drawn for his projects but were not adopted at the end. Yet, as the architects states, these unrealized 99 % certainly comprise his Ku-u-so-u (fantasy), the starting point of his architecture.

Below is the text provided by the curator of the exhibition Michal Skoda.

The Czech Budejovice (Budweis) exhibition is the author’s first activity in Europe. He is presenting a project here which he has entitled according to the concept of “Ku u so u“ (fantasy).

This is a specific installation which can be perceived as the landscape inside his mind. The viewer thus has the possibility to pass through the sketches that display the author’s imagination, or may sit in one of his collapsible chairs and fully experience the “Ku u so u” world of fantasy.

Takeshi Hosaka has this to say about his project:

“When I create an architectural design, I always make a sketch, 99% of which of course doesn’t work out. From the remaining 1%, though, amazing things appear. 99% of my “Ku u so u” are my unsuccessful attempts, but even so, I decided to let these sketches take flight by themselves. This is a certain open look into my reality as an architect. Architecture is a reality, but we shouldn’t call it simply a reality, since it creates something that exceeds reality. It attempts to do something which evokes “Ku u so u” (fantasy). It takes what was born into the imaginary world and transfers it to the tangible world of architecture. I would like everyone to experience this mini world between reality and architectural design – the world of fantasy.”

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