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Satoko Shinohara Daisuke Kaneko Sankaku

Sankaku (“triangle”) is a mountain house atop highlands at 1,500 meters on the Yatsugatake massif. In the summer, it is extremely pleasant, never bringing one to a sweat; but in the winter the temperature drops and the snow piles high. 

The design was aimed to be in harmony with its surroundings in its simplicity and efficiency. The property slopes to the south, with a 5.5-meter elevation difference overall.  
By utilizing this difference, the location of the two buildings were carefully determined to protect the privacy of residents and also to acquire views of the surrounded mountains.

The triangular roofs are made of wood-folded planks, consisting of 2 by 12 inch laminated pine. These wood-folded planks are both the structure and finish.
The bigger building has the main facilities, including kitchen and full bathroom. The smaller one, having only a commode instead of full bathroom, is used as a study room, a guest room or for other purposes. Each building is basically one room, with the addition of doors for bathrooms and toilet facilities. However, 2 separate buildings enable a variety of uses. 

Very simple shaped Sankaku are able to be shared by various people surrounded by rugged and abundant nature.