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Toru Yada Takuma Tsuji Takeshi Hashimoto The Stairs of Kagiya

Here is a design for a guest room in a reinforced concrete building over fifty years old in the center of Hamamatsu, Shizuoka. It inserts a stair-shaped volume into the property originally used occasionally by the client as an office and second house.

The “landing” of the staircase is used for a double bed, adding lodging functionality to the room, while below creating a 150-cm-high intimate space. These “stairs” do not serve to connect to an upper story, rather they provide a new vantage point in the top of the room overlooking the fronting Tōkai-dō (road). The stair tread and riser are much larger than normal, both about 40 cm, which effectively function as storage spaces, and as a desk or seat.

One stair construct is hung from the existing reinforced concrete structure; the other box-stair is laid on the floor. The former is used as a bed space, and the latter as storage.

By hanging the stair “landing” without columns, the space below becomes an intimate low-ceiling space even while sitting in the sofa.