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Yo Shimada House in Yuzurihayama

The “House in Yuzurihayama” is a residence for a young couple who works from home, and their children. The property is surrounded by houses, where mountains are near, and plains can be seen along in the distance. Given these, the house is composed of the lower story joined with a garden and the upper story raised up to have a sense of the mountains and face the views.

Taking the raised-floor form off a granary, the ground floor glass walls are recessed from the volume of the upper floor, creating a space under the overhang for a unified interior and exterior. Also, to strengthen the synthesis with the garden, the atelier was positioned in a detached building in order to have to pass through the garden.

A concrete block wall runs along the western edge of the property and continues into the building bending orthogonally. The upper story wall exterior is finished with charred cedar, and the hipped roof is Galvalume steel. In the roof there is also a vented skylight.

Because of the client’s request to have a view from the bath, the house is offset at a 17-degree angle from the property lines, avoiding the neighboring buildings; the space born from this disparity between the property shape and the building axis serves as the entrance, creating two gardens, in the southeast and southwest.