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Tetsuya Mizukami House in Sabae

House in Sabae is a one-story wooden house for a couple and mother in a corner lot of an intersection surrounded by a mountain range and the fields of the Hokuriku region. While the property is in a tranquil, rich natural environment, the intersection has much traffic and depending on the weather, strong winds can blow from the fields to the southeast. This design aimed to create a relaxed residential environment, continuous through the building, while taking into consideration the line of sight from the roads, noise pollution and wind circulation following to the client’s wishes.

The columns and rafters are placed throughout at 90 cm intervals. Light enters from clerestory hopper lights made from changing the ceiling height between the living room area and the rooms. The rafters for the living room are 9 x 21 cm members, and those for the rooms are paired 9 x 12 cm members. For the entrances, the shutters, screens, glass doors and blinds are all inserted into the width of the wall, which is of cedar boards.